Unfairly Judged

What I’ve experienced can never compare to what people of color experience and live with every day. The “privilege” of missing out on that experience is a privilege I didn’t ask for and a privilege I shouldn’t “enjoy.” This is because everyone everywhere should and must be treated fairly regardless of one’s attractiveness or the color of one’s skin or one’s last name or where one is from.

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To Mask or Unmask?

Sometimes masks are worn to protect others from whatever sicknesses we may have, and sometimes they are worn to protect us from whatever sicknesses others may have. Sometimes, good guys wear masks while fighting for what’s right, and sometimes bad guys wear masks while they are doing what’s wrong.

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God’s Glory Will Come

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?” –John 11:25-25 (NIV) The celebration of the Resurrection last weekend started to stir some thoughts throughout the week […]

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It Was On A Tuesday

On this date, April 14th, thirty-three years ago, my life was changed. The events that day have not only affected my life since then, but I know they have also impacted my future and eternity. But let me start at the beginning. Even though both of my parents grew up in Christian homes, with my […]

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Who Was the Hammer-Man?

I am so thankful to God that sometimes my imagination leads me to some interesting questions and discoveries, especially when sparked by brilliantly creative teachers and authors. In a prayer group meeting several years ago, we were discussing Calvin Miller’s book Once Upon A Tree (Howard Publishing Co., Inc., ©2002). Because Dr. Miller was such a great […]

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Not A Waste of Time

The quest to find their friend and bring him home was worth the risk. He was loved; not just by them but by someone who also loved all of them back home. So, off they went. They chopped through branches. They crossed dangerous pathways, hidden in plain sight, and found a location that held clues […]

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Time Well Spent

I tend to focus on time a bunch. As a pastor, I used to get anxious about how long my sermons lasted, not that I adjusted my sermon length at all! I was just aware of how long I preached, especially when Jill would give me the signal to “land the plane.” As a coach, […]

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Time to Worship and Love

Ok, let me be honest. I tend to worry and get anxious, especially when I’m not sure about what to do. Do I hunker down inside? Do I make a quick trip to the store? How many squares of toilet paper is enough for me to use to take care of business? When am I […]

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